To support your FBO marketing efforts, The Hiller Group, Inc. can provide marketing services with particular focus on analyzing aircraft operator’s traffic patterns, identifying new customers and marketing to new and existing customers.

Strategic marketing planning is always critical in any economy and industry. The Hiller Group, Inc. focuses on more than being a fuel supplier by creating value while delivering superior products and services to FBOs and the aviation industry.

We can help you deliver your marketing message and advertisement to over 40,000 aviation-related recipients using direct mailings. Additionally, we can design and create custom ads and images for our FBOs to brand their image to the aviation industry. The Hiller Group, Inc. has access to the most extensive aviation related databases to help you evaluate and analyze your marketing efforts and make the appropriate recommendations that suit your personnel and budget. With various databases comprised of aircraft owners, operators, brokers, charter companies, corporate flight departments, management companies, agents, corporations, and high wealth individuals, the marketing opportunities are endless for your business. Our FBO marketing services are offered at competitive costs to create the ultimate marketing exposure for you. Utilizing the latest proactive and innovative marketing solutions, we deliver your business to the desks, desktops, cell phones and PDAs of the decision makers and aviation professionals that you are interested in serving.

We work with your plans and identify unique opportunities that incorporate customer and line serve training and direct and internet marketing. You can send us your ideas or design or let our marketing team create ads for you. Each design is created and approved by you to fit your corporate image using the latest designer's software available. Email broadcasts will be linked to your website and/or email addresses. All email replies are sent to your email address as well. We can also monitor the effectiveness of and response to your email blasts with real-time metrics and stats and deliver the report to you in an easy to read excel format. Below is a summary of the marketing advantages and services that we can partner with you in growing your FBO business today:

•Operational Reviews
•Data Integration, Data Mining
•Website Design and Support
•Direct Mail Programs
•Advertising and Custom Marketing Plans

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