The Hiller Group Inc. Corporate Responsibility

The Hiller Group Inc. does much more than supply fuel.

Our long-standing corporate philosophy is to leave the world a better place than we found it. We are involved in our communities and participate in many worthwhile causes. We are stewards of the environment and handle our products in an environmentally sensitive manner. We take great pride in doing the right thing.

At The Hiller Group , corporate responsibility is part of our culture and embedded in everything we do.

Partnership & Culture

We have a rich history of creating value and delivering results to our customers and business colleagues. This creative and results-driven foundation, combined with our unique “can do” attitude creates an exciting and passionate work environment. Our heritage and tradition is based on a professional, friendly, informed work environment with pride in the Hiller Image, concern for customers, business associates and business colleagues.

Shared Values

Our team shares the beliefs in safety, respect, reputation, and efficiency. These guiding principles enable us to always do the right thing with concern for our teammates, customers and business colleagues. Our culture believes in being polite & courteous, friendly & cordial and attentive to needs of our customers. This philosophy enables us to build the Hiller brand as a series of shared positive experiences between us, our customers, and business associates/colleagues.

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